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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Starts With the Coding of Your Website

Google and other search engines have a number of factors that make up their search algorithm that determine rankings: quality of a website’s code, semantic keywords and copy, the speed by which a page loads, mobile-friendliness, meta tags, XML sitemaps, microdata schema, online traffic, etc.

In creating our websites, we adhere to Google’s guidelines as close as possible in order to get the highest rankings for search queries relevant and most important to your business. We do not offer concrete guarantees for getting clients on the ‘first page of search results’, and warn against others that do offer these, simply because Google’s search algorithm is something of a ‘black box’ – and they keep it that way on purpose. In following their guidelines, working with many clients, and performing many of our own tests, we have gained a great amount of experience and have seen what actually works in adding SEO value to websites.

To market your dental practice best to prospective patients, ensure that search engines are getting the most out of your website

Our work has reliably resulted in improved SEO for clients – whether they had an existing website and we implemented increased SEO value for it, or we created a new website for them – that has significantly improved their online search presence, raising their rankings in keyword relevancy as well as the amount of keywords related to their business. Check out our blog article on this subject, detailing out the statistics from one of our previous projects: A 265% Increase in Website Traffice from Updating Code

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A 265% Increase in Website Traffic from Updating Code

A graph showing an arrow pointing up on Visitor Traffic

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Responsive Web Design

Internet History There was a time when the internet was a thing accessed solely by computers, and the not-so-small flip-to-open device in your pocket could do nothing more than (sometimes) make and receive phone calls. This was a golden age for web design, as all screen sizes were essentially the same cube shape. However, time […]